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Where To Start In Austin's Night Life.

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

So you heard Austin is great. Yea well now what!!

Starting out with nothing and coming up with the perfect plan means time, energy and research. Well I've done it all for you. Let me guid you through the main night life districts in Austin. For the most part, specific reference to venues are omitted due to changes in the market. Contact Lady Bird Entertainment for up to date information.

Knowing where to start

“If you are board in Austin.. It's your own damn fault.”

First off lets discuss the obvious. The district known as Dirty 6th.

The Distraction.

Most people I talk to visiting Austin only know, and visit what is known locally as Dirty 6th. It's an appropriately 1 mile strip of 6th Street that runs from Red Red River to Congress Ave. It is host to over 80 bars and clubs and is closed off to vehicle traffic making the street a pedestrian mall after 9 or 10pm Thursday through Saturday. Consider it Austin's Bourbon Street minus the legal open container laws. To help reduce confusion you must be aware, although Dirty 6th is East of Congress Avenue, making it technically East Austin, locals refer to anything East of Interstate 35 as the East side. See the next section for why that matter.

What to expect:

Well Everything.

A main destination for tourist and UT students alike. It is a beautiful mess. With most bars catering to cover bands usually playing country or blues music, DJ's spinning together pop hits or a standard radio bar playlist you will find it at least loud if not slightly overwhelming. Expect to find mechanical bulls cheap shots and interesting street performers.

The local experience.

“Easy East With The Cool Kids.”

The East side or East 6th is home to a more of a local friendly area although tourist are completely welcome. East 6th Street holds many bars but "the east side" also includes other bar regions including just south of 6th on Cesar Chavez and another district at 12th and Chicon. All areas containing dive bars and live music venues throughout. The East side is more of an Authentic Austin experience with venues like The White Horse, a popular Honkey Tonk (great for 2 stepping). Breweries and great restaurants make the east side an authentic experience. Laid back, no dress code and.. hipsters, friendly hipsters. Just like everything else in Austin.

Rainy. Well. This is different.

Rainy Street. An area that was described as "real-estate that couldn't be given away 10 years ago".. After some redistricting and one creative bar owner, an entire part of town changed into a now a thriving bar destination. About a half mile south of 6th Street is the infamous Rainy Street. Now closed to vehicle traffic during peak times (like Dirty 6th) the street becomes a pedestrian mall that allows you to explore bars mostly designed from converted original homes. All bars come with some sort of outdoor space allowing Rainy to be the number 1 spot for day drinking in Austin. Enjoy original and cover bands as well as Austin largest Beer Garden and Sausage house, Bangers. With an outdoor atmosphere and yard games Rainy is known as a chill (excluding Container Bar) district to hang out with old friends and an easy place to make new ones.

Well. This is familiar.

One mile West of Dirty 6th lies a district simply enough known as West. West or West 6th is a common district in any major city. Known for bottle service clubs, dress codes and VIP rooms with mirrors to look upon fellow patrons standing in a drink line slightly longer than the one you are in. A more upscale district including fine dinning. For the best experience in this district reservation would be recommended.

Glitter and Glam.

Austin is known as the progressive center of Texas. That being said all bars are considered gay friendly but one district is a little more friendly. 4th Street 2 bocks down from West 6th is host to 3 gay dance clubs, some of which have extended hours. Great for dancing well into the morning.

After hours in Austin.

Subject to change, a hand full of clubs stay open till 4 or 5. Although alcohol is no longer served unless you are at a byob gentlemen's club or private venue. Having a party bus with a stocked cooler can come in handy if you plan on going late.

Let's get you there.

Now that we know where you are going let's make the plan. Lady Bird Bus and Lady Bird Entertainment are experts on event planning and transportation. Our 40 passenger party bus we can get you to any district with style. With amazing standard amenities and the most exciting extras we can make the journey as unforgettable as the destination.

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