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10 Tips For Renting a Party Bus In Austin.

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Let's be honest. Keeping the entire group together is paramount when executing an event. With some serious distances between destination picking the right mode of transit for the group (a Party Bus) makes the journey as rememberable as the destination. Here are 10 tips to help avoid common mistakes.

Traveling with the group insures that everyone ends up where they are supposed to be.

“Well I did not know their are two Lester pearls!!! Who would do that.”

1. Who am I talking to??

When booking a Party Bus you may just type in "Party Bus Austin" and click on the top search results. That's what I would do, but the problem is you may end up getting a booking agency and not an actual local company. Booking agencies, if local and experienced can be great. They also could be in Pakistan (or anywhere else, But that is where one of my partners is located) and have little to no knowledge of the actually Party Bus that they are sending to you in the Austin area. Make sure if you do use a booking agency you talk with the actual Party Bus Operator as soon as possible to confirm product and itinerary.

2. Amenities.

Just because something is listed on a web site does not mean that it's set up full time in the Party Bus. Confirm with the actual operator what will be ready for you on pick up so you get exactly what you expect in your Party Bus.

3. Actuall Price.

Ask about additional fees and Taxes including if gratuity if not covered. A 20% driver gratuity on a standard rental is $240.00 dollars. In some instances companies pay drivers above industry standards meaning a 5% or gratuity or no gratuity at all is warranted on Party Bus Services.

4. Climate Controll.

Austin Texas is one of the hottest city in the U.S. If visiting during the summer months make sure to inquire if the Party Bus has any or adequate AC.

5. Local knowledge.

Make sure that you coordinate your Austin Texas trip details with the Party Bus operator. Some destinations have specific operating agreements that must be filled out before a Party Bus and large group are admitted. Avoid any extra hassle and hatch out the details of the Party Bus trip ahead of event day.

6. Fine Print.

Are you planning on bringing food on the Party Bus? Does the Party Bus allow that or will you get charged a fee? Will you have minors in the group? That may requires additional paper work. Skim the contract to make sure your Party Bus doesn't have any less obvious rules.

7.What's Included?

Does the Party Bus come stocked with coolers and ice? Most do, but imagine not having a cooler... Confirm what you'll be needing.

8. Are strays welcome?

Are you meeting part of your group after initial pick up or are you just good at making new friends along the way? Make sure you know in advance if additional riders are allowed or if you need to inform the driver so that proper paper work can be signed.

9. Cant stop Wont stop.

Know your city, know the plan. In Austin bars close at 2am. Liquor is not sold in stores after 9pm. Beer is not sold outside of bars after Midnight. If you plan on staying out late you'll need to be in a dance club that stays open till 4 a.m. and or head to a late BYOB Private Club or Gentlemen's club. Having a stocked Party Bus to take you to and from your destinations is paramount in keeping the night alive in Austin Texas.

10. Ideas.

If you don't know what or where to go, read my other blogs or call Lady Bird Entertainment to get expert advice from experienced locals. Or contact Lady Bird Entertainment for expert advice.

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