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Greater Austin Area Outdoor Destinations.

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

We have all heard of the amazing things to do in and around Austin. With the mild climate and 9 months of functional summer it's time to explore Austin's greatest swimming spots.

Within the city the most notable water feature of course is Barton Springs, but once you get out a little further you find so much more. (The greenbelt averages water only 3 months a year or much less so it be will exclude it)

“I eat backflips for breakfast.”

Time for a swim.

Let's start with the basics Town Lake (aka Lady Bird Lake) Lake Austin and Lake Travis. All part of the Colorado River (no its a different one). The Lake system ends in Austin at Town lake and as you Tavel farther from town you come across different lakes with different special swimming location. Lets discuss some the highlights. Their are 6 lakes in total within the Lower Colorado Lakes. We will only be discuss 3. Of course the easiest and most convent way to get wet would be to rent a boat on either Lake Austin or Travis. With most launching points about an 1 hour from the city we recommend also renting a special event transport bus to start the event off right and leaving the driving to the professional. If a free range adventure is more your style, consider some of the following destinations.

The arguably closest and relatively newest swimming destination is Commons Ford Ranch. A recently annexed city park. The park is comprised of acres of lake side green grass and an 15 foot (not utilized) boat house (perfect for jumping off). Commons Ford is a great place to lounge and swim. We recommend bringing a blanket, cooler and some snacks. The closest store is close to a 20 min driving, meaning bring everything you need for a few hours of recreation. Although not officially a dog park Commons Ford does function as an off leash dog park. Yes you will make some four legged friends. Oh and plenty of trees for a little shade.

Movie magic.

The most popular and well known watering hole outside of the city would defiantly be Hamilton Pool. Featured in many movies, with its unique almost alien rock features it is a staple in the area. Be careful, reservation are required, so plan ahead.

Keeping pace.

It's worth the drive. I promise. One of the farthest distention would have to be Pace Bend Park. With plenty of water and rock faces to jump off, Pace Bend is an oasis of Lake Travis. The island like land scape gives amazing views and the multiple areas to relax.

Keeping up with the Joneses.

Not to be outdone, Austin's northern neighbor, Georgetown hosts a deep bend in the San Gabriel River perfect for a swim and lounging known as Goeargtown's Blue Hole. Since this spot is a river and not a lake conditions vary by the season. Find the right time of year and enjoy a real gem.

Float on.

With 3 crystal clear rivers all within 1 hour from Austin ( The Guadalupe the San Marcus and the  Cuomo)  you can bet that one of the favorite pastimes of locals and tourists is to rent and inner tub and beat the Texas heat on the water.  

No Photos allowed!!

Austin hosts what I will assume is Texas's only sanctioned nude beach. Hippie Hollow is about 45 min from Austin on Lake Travis and is a staple in the community. Clothing optional so bring your sun screen.

Honorable mentions.

Although unique I would be weary to plan an entire outing with these destination in mind... Especially with large numbers

Jacobe's Well.

Looks are deceiving. This is a very interesting place but with all the photos taken with a wide angle lenses, in reality this destination is much smaller then pictured. The feature is an open well that brings forth a continuous stream of cold water from the aquifer. The area is small and feels cramped with as little as 12 people. Not to mention the scuba divers coming in and out of the underwater caves below. Reservations are now required and can be quit the head ache. Save your group some time and just enjoy the pictures.

Wimberley's Blue Hole.

Inside a city park in a relatively sleepy town, lies a slow wide creek that originates from Jakobs well. It's a shady small swimming hole with clear water and an OK rope swing.

The down side. The city park has terrible hours (for some reason) and the small swimming hole feels cramped quickly. The large canopy of trees allows very little sun and cooler water means it's bit chilly even on hot days. If you are already traveling to Wimberley I would check it out, Otherwise it's one to skip.

Kruase Srings.

This is one of my favorites. You will have to just look it up because it would take this entire paragraph to describe. You did.... Cool... Now real talk. This Privately owned spring, pool and garden is incredibly unique and beautiful. It can be a little treacherous but they are improving that with new paths and stairs. Down side.. Its rather small and with the rough land scape it leaves very little areas for spreading out and god forbid a herd of school children arrive... This ones great for a weekday before school lets out. Be aware ever-time I have visited I was chased by a snake Not certain if it's the same snake or a different snake each time. I am not saying anything negative about the snake just saying it chased me. If you are a snake maybe ask the other snake to chill out when you visit.

Let's make it happen.

Austin is one of the hottest/warmest cities in the U.S. But have no fear we have the swimming destination to keep cool. Leave the travel and details to the pros and let Lady Bird Bus and Lady Bird Entertainment's experts arrange and coordinate your travel. With local experience we can ensure your parties trip goes off without a hitch and with a luxury Part Bus the Travel can be as Entertaining as the destination.

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